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Timrå IK, Swedish Hockey League (SHL/Allsvenskan)


As part of our skating and development programs, we've had the opportunity to partner with Timrå IK. Our focus has been with the pro team, but we have also worked with the J20, J18, and youth players and coaches.  


We were proud to be a small part of the team's 2018 Allsvenskan Championship and subsequent elevation to the SHL. During that championship season, we were part of the development of three players who went on to be drafted in the NHL (2nd, 2nd and 6th rounds) and one player who signed his first NHL contract as a free agent. 

We continue to work with and advise the Timrå staff and have enjoyed this opportunity not only to teach but to learn new things to bring to our players around the world. 


IF Sundsvall

Through our partnership with Timrå IK, we had the pleasure to work with their affiliate, IF Sundsvall, as they rebuilt their organization. Our work focused on the J20 and J18 teams, as well as a regional select J16 team of combined Timrå/Sundsvall players preparing for national competition. 

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