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Partnership with Riga Hockey Cup 

We're very excited to partner with Riga Hockey Cup — Europe’s largest junior hockey tournament — in organizing future development projects, camps, and events of various levels.


"This is a truly happy moment and a great opportunity for our organization to continue improving our values and to develop our vision in a new direction. As an addition of organizing hockey tournaments, we see ourselves to be more involved in the hockey education process for players, coaches, organizations, and parents. Our aim is to provide training in collaboration with experienced NHL coaches, experts from North America and to enable anyone who is willing to improve their knowledge and skills to participate in the education process. Raising the quality of hockey in Latvia, Europe and around the world, would be the ultimate achievement.”

– Jānis Jansons, General Manager of Riga Hockey Cup

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“We are excited to be partnering with our friend Jānis Jansons and his team at the Riga Hockey Cup. The Riga Hockey Cup has developed a ‘best in class’ reputation around the European hockey world. To be able to build programs in a world class and historic city like Riga is going to be awesome. To be able to do it in a country that has an unmatched love of the game like Latvia does, can’t be beat. After working hand-in-hand on our first project together, a coaching symposium in partnership with the Latvian Hockey Federation and seeing the professionalism in how it was conducted and success it attained, we cannot wait to announce future programs together.”

–Toby O’Brien & Matt Bertani, Directors of OverSpeed Hockey


Contact to learn more. 

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